Post #7: I Want to Hear From You!

Hey there trollmates!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated simply because I was waiting to hear from someone abut wanting to win the giveaway.

Apparently no one has entered yet, so I’m going to extended the giveaway to February first! So go comment!

In other news, I’m wondering what you guys want to hear! I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback on this blog, but I would really love to know what you all are thinking! Do you wish I would just shut up and stop asking you what you think write more Lowdowns? Do you want to hear more about my personal relationship experiences? I’m actually studying couples and sex therapy, so do you guys want advice?

Anyway, I’m literally open to anything! Ask anything you want to know, including but not limited to:

What games you should buy your boyfriend?
What is my favorite fruit?
How can you communicate better with your gamer?
What games/sites/pieces of culture should you avoid?
Why do I like Slenderman?
Do I have a Tumbr?
Why did I start this site in the first place?
What is my boyfriend like?
What games do I like/hate/loathe entirely?
What is the meaning of life?

I will answer all of these questions and more if you ask them!

There’s more to come, my lovelies! Stay tuned!

~ ❤ ~



Post #6: Top 5 Gifts For Your Gamer Guy


Photocred to PC gamer!

Happy Holidays, trollmates! I’m sure you’ve all been spending time with friends and family and rejoicing over copious amounts of food! I know I have!

So, as we’re going into the holiday season, the question on all of your minds is probably “When will he propose already?” “What should I get my gamer for Christmas?” Well, ladies, here I have the answer to your question! Gamer guys are incredibly hard to buy for, but never fear! DomesticMajestic has a list to end your holiday humbugs!

1. Games!

You and I both know that there’s nothing your man loves more than games! (Well, aside from YOU of course!) So why not see what kind of games he’s into (and what games he already has) and buy him one or two. Not only does this show that you’re good with his gamer ways, it also shows that you listen when he tells you about his games, and that you can do your research; Remember, not all games are created equal, so if you’re going to buy your gamer any games, you need to do your research. You can’t just buy him a random game (or, God forbid, a “girlie game”) especially if he’s a well-versed gamer. So, if he likes zombie games, do your research and find out the newest, best zombie games. This can be done with any type of game (first person shooter, RPG, etc). Not sure what kind of game your man likes? Check out this post by NightHawk42 to see the different types of games and to figure it out!

Note: Make SURE your man doesn’t have the game before you buy it! You want the gift to be memorable, not a return!

2. Game Memorabilia

Every guy has a favorite game. Whether it’s Halo, Minecraft, WoW, or anything else, getting him game memorabilia is a great gift! Memorabilia can literally be anything: a shirt, a plushie, a poster, anything! Almost every game has it’s own store online. If it doesn’t though, there’s always places like eBay and Hot Topic that sell game memorabilia, especially tee shirts, which are always an amazing gift! As a matter of fact, my boyfriend’s Christmas present comes from this category! (I won’t tell you what it is though because he’ll probably read this!) This category is especially good for ladies who don’t wanna spend a lot of money on a gift! Sales are your friend ladies, and this category is the one that’ll have some great deals! He’ll probably love whatever you get him, and there’s not a lot of guesswork so long as you know what game he likes. Plus, Hot Tpic is actually having a 20% off sale right now! Here’s the link to their gamer stuff:

3. GameFly Membership

If your guy gets tired of games easily, or loves a TON of different games, this if a great gift! Basically, you can pay for a certain amount of time, and that gives your guy a membership to GameFly. It’s a lot like Netflix, but for video games! Here’s some information about it straight from the site:

“For one flat monthly fee of $22.95 (plus any applicable tax), GameFly lets you rent 2 games at a time, with free shipping, no due dates, no late fees, and Unlimited PC Play. Or, for $15.95 a month (plus any applicable tax), you can rent one game at a time. There are no additional charges.”

Although it is a little bit of a price commitment, if you know your guy is giving you a gorgeous expensive present, this might be the way to go. Not only will he really appreciate it, but it’ll keep him occupied during the Christmas season!

4. Headphones/Earbuds/Headset

I gave my boyfriend headphones as a gift once before, and he really enjoyed them! There are so many great brands of headphones that aren’t super expensive. I got my boyfriend SkullCandy Hesh headphones last year, and he uses them all the time now! They were only about 30 bucks, but they’re something that he gets a ton of use out of! He listens to music with them and he uses them for when he plays games on his laptop. Headphones are always a great gift because every guy can use them. This is an especially good gift if your man likes to play video games with other people. In that case, a headset or headphones with a mic can be an awesome, decently inexpensive gift that he’ll love!

5. DVD Box Set

Maybe you wanna get your man something that’s not game related this Christmas. Well ladies, if that’s true, a DVD box set is the way to go! Most guys so are into nerd culture have at least one TV show they love, be it Dr. Who, Fringe, Lost, or any other show he likes. A few of my personal favorites that your guy might like:

30 Rock. This is like my favorite show, and it’s something you could watch with him!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show is hilarious, especially if your man is the sarcastic cynic like mine.

Fringe. This show is great for guys who like science fiction.

MarbleHornets. While this isn’t a television show, you can buy the boxed set of all the videos on their website. I mean, it’s Slenderman!

The Walking Dead. Zombies. ‘Nuff said.

Alright ladies, there you have it! A list of 5 great gifts that your gamer guy will love! Happy holidays, trollmates, and stay tuned!

Something I left out? Comment or email me at! For more information on what to get your gamer, click on the image at the top of this post or click here to see PC gamer’s guide to gifts!

Happy holidays, trollmates! Be safe 🙂

~ ❤ ~


The Lowdown #1: Slenderman

Hey there, my lovely trollmates!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update! My school was on Fall Break, so I was away from my computer watching Mean Girls over and over spending time with my family.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m going to be starting a new type of post! It’s called The Lowdown, and it’s going to be posts that focus on one particular piece of internet culture or gaming, like a particular game, meme, or idea.

For this particular post, our topic is Slenderman.

Now, some of you may have heard of Slenderman via the game Slender. While this isn’t the first time Slenderman has appeared within internet or gamer culture, this game has increased this creature’s popularity by a lot.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little background information on Slenderman:

Once upon a July on 2009, the forum Something Awful had a “Create Paranormal Images” type contest/competition. Somebody posted this picture:

Freaky, right?

and Slenderman was born! Since then, Slenderman has become really popular within stories and Creepypasta. Visit the Trollmate Vocabulary post for my explanation of Creepypasta.

But here’s some information on the actual mythos of Slenderman:

  • As you can probably tell from the above picture, the Slenderman is said to usually hang around kids.
  • Slenderman has no face.
  • Slenderman wears a suit, complete with the tie.
  • Slenderman has long tentacle-like arms.
  • The Slenderman is said to inhabit heavily wooded areas.
  • Legend has it that Slenderman will stalk you until you slowly go insane.
  • If he stalks you, you may start to black out, feel nauseous, and lose track of time, among other things.
  • Some believe that Slenderman can teleport, or use the 4th dimension to travel. Others think that he simply remains completely still while you are looking, and walks fast (due to his long legs) while you are turned around. Either way, it’s a terrifying concept.

Now, pretty much like the day after Slenderman was created (or pretty close to that), MarbleHornets was created. MarbleHornets is basically a youtube channel paired with a Twitter that basically follows the story of a guy named Jay and a movie his friend Alex was making. To watch MarbleHornets, visit the Youtube channel and watch the videos and follow @marblehornets on Twitter! The story’s scary, but it’s addictive!

Slenderman (the Operator) as depicted in MarbleHornets

Now let’s cover the most recent obsession of Slenderfans: Slender.

As MarbleHornets started to gain popularity (it’s in its final season now), Slenderman became more and more popular. Because Slenderman was getting so popular, the game Slender was created. Parsec Productions basically made the game, which has the full name “Slender: The Eight Pages”. Pretty much what you do is navigate through a landscape and find 8 pages about Slenderman, while trying to avoid him. You have a flashlight and navigate through this creepy landscape, some of which is old buildings or dark woods, and look for the pages. You have to collect them all without Slenderman getting you, so pretty much you turn around and your little flashlight can sometimes show him standing there. The creators are now working on an even more advance version, but many people really like this one because even though there’s pretty limited gameplay, Slenderman never appears in the same place, so it’s not like you can avoid him.

This game has gained a HUGE amount of popularity. It is free to download, and because of the simple storyline and design, you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to have fun playing it. If you love jumpscares and you’re interested in a little scary fun, I recommend you download Slender.

A screencap from Slender.

Besides Slender, there are tons upon tons of stories and memes about Slenderman; he’s very popular. MJDarklighter has a really freaky story called Slender Spot that is definitely worth reading. There are multitudes of documentaries and short films on Slenderman, but The Slender Man Documentary is a short scary one.

There’s also a lot of parodies of Slenderman, for instance, the idea that he only stalks you because “Gimme 20 Dollahs”. This one is my personal favorite, because it takes an actual MarbleHornets entry and makes fun of it. Beware though, the footage is pretty scary, but with the music it basically counteracts it.

Slenderman vs. Gangnam Style, featured below, is a great example of how popular Slenderman is and what Slenderman represents; no matter what the current viral videos or trends are, Slenderman will find his way into them. People love Slenderman, and ladies, if your man loves Slenderman, don’t pretend for 2 seconds that he isn’t going to try and suck you into the vortex of Slenderfandom too.

Personally, I really like Slenderman, especially MarbleHornets. While I’m really bad with jump scares (it doesn’t matter what’s jumping out; it could be a fluffy unicorn shitting rainbows and I would still jump if it popped out), my boyfriend absolutely loves the game Slender, and has actually downloaded the game via the Android market onto his phone. He plays it pretty much all the time, so I guess it gets the Boyfriend Stamp of Approval!

Okay trollmates, I know some of you may be asking, “Why Slenderman as a first post?” Well, ladies, Slederman is something that is quickly gaining popularity. In order to date somebody who’s keeping up with these trends, you too need to be aware of it. If your man loves Slender or Slenderman, you at least need to know the basics of what he’s talking about! To keep a relationship alive, there’s got to be communication, INTERESTING communication. What better way to have an interesting conversation with your man than to say “hey, so I saw this hilarious Slenderman video today”… chances are he’ll be WAY impressed that you recognize Slenderman. Plus, my boyfriend and I watch MarbleHornets together, and it’s hours upon hours of scary suspenseful fun! My boyfriend loves horror movies, but I can’t stand gore, so MarbleHornets is a really good compromise for us, because it has all the suspense with little to no blood! 🙂

Have any questions, comments, or thoughts? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below!

~ ❤ ~