Post #10: Zero Sight: Bad Call

Hello my lovelies!

Today I want to talk to you about a really cool short film called Zero Sight: Bad Call. I was contacted by the lovely group of women who created it and they asked me to watch it. I did, and it was great!

Great, huh?

If you didn’t watch it, basically it’s about this gamer Veronica who is suddenly finds herself with great power in her hands. She steals a cell phone which has the power to kill people with a simple text message! I won’t give any more away because I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that it’s definitely great!

One thing that I love about this short film is that it shows a female gamer in a good light. She’s not masculine or overly aggressive, but she’s not over-feminized or trivialized either. Because the women who created this film are gamers themselves, they respect female gamers and make a point not to make Veronica, or anyone else for that matter, merely an object or a sex symbol. That doesn’t mean Veronica as a character can’t be attractive; it just means that’s not the main point of her character. That’s what I like about this film. Rather than making it about the fact that she’s a girl, she just happens to be a gamer girl who also happens to be a badass!

In short, I think this is a great short film that respects the genre and is tons of fun! These ladies have done an amazing job with it and I can’t wait to see more from them! I definitely recommend you check it out!

To hear my College Girl Uncensored interview with Liz Rizzo, the director of the project, check it out here.

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P.S. Zero Sight: Bad Call is a Stage 5 TV production and is part of their Continuum Channel. Used with permission. A big thanks to Paige and Liz for contacting me!


Let’s Play: A Short Explanation

Hey there, my lovely trollmates!

Let me just take a second to thank you all for reading! I absolutely LOVE this blog, and I hope you guys are just as enthusiastic about it as I am!

That being said, lets get into our topic, shall we? 🙂

Today’s topic is Let’s Play videos!

Ladies, ever been on YouTube watching Jenna Marbles when all of a sudden you see a suggestion that says “Let’s Play Minecraft/Slender/Skyrim”? Ever wondered what that was?

Basically, here’s the answer to that question:

A “lets play” video is basically the guy equivalent to makeup tutorials or cute videos. Lets Play videos are what happens when somebody films their screen while playing a game. So instead of taping you from your webcam, you basically film the screen. So Lets Play videos are like a way for guys to watch other people they don’t know play video games instead of doing it themselves.

As crazy as that sounds, guys (and gamer girls!) love this kind of video, especially when it’s by someone either really great at the game or really weird or funny or crazy.

For instance, PewDiePie is a really popular guy for let’s plays videos. Here’s one for Minecraft:

Clearly, it’s pretty entertaining. Even if you aren’t a gamer, lets play videos can be pretty entertaining. The ones for Slender are pretty scary, because that game is like, shit your pants jumpscares, but still pretty fun!

“But Taylor,” you ask, “Why would you spend a whole post on Let’s Play videos?” Because, darlings, in the weeks to come I will be doing posts that focus on one particular game, meme, site, or other part on Internet “nerd” culture, and lets plays will be a big part of the ones on games!

So, stay tuned trollmates! There’s more fun in store!

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photocred to tgnMinecraft