A Girl’s Guide to Gaming: An Introduction

Hey there fellow (or perspective)  gamers and geeks! I thought I would start helping out by giving some general info about gaming vocabulary and what to expect from a particular game. So, here goes.

First, I’ll list the main types of time-consuming console and computer games that most gamers swear by. These are the boyfriend’s time-suckers and hoarders of attention that a lot of girls hate but can be very addictive. I’ll spend more time later posting details about each type of game, too.

  1. First-person shooter – These games include Call of Duty, Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, and Battlefield. This is a type of game where the screen shows the perspective of the person you’re playing as – you see what your character sees. This usually includes whatever gun (or other weapon) you’re holding at the time. They’re called shooters because the usual point of the game is to kill people with whatever guns you’re holding, and there are usually a broad assortment to choose from. I’ll go more in-depth about these later.
  2. RPG – Also known as a Role-Play Game (not the weapon in the types of games in #1). These can sometimes be switched between first and third person, but not always. These types of games include Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and the Elder Scrolls games (like Oblivion and Skyrim). These are usually more fantasy or sci-fi oriented and have weapons like swords, bows, crossbows, etc. Thees types of games tell a story and usually have a custom character that the player can create (and that can be either gender).  Then sometimes there are crossover-type games like Mass-Effect that are both roleplay and third-person shooter, or some mix of everything. These are sometimes called Action RPG’s.
  3. Third-person shooter – These are games in  which you are shooting enemies with some type of weapon while the character you’re playing as is visible, such as Heretic 2, Brute Force, Infamous, GTA, and Max Payne.
  4. MMORPG – These are Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games, like World of Warcraft and Runescape. These constantly have new material added to them and can destroy your life by giving you new ones to live in a virtual world, though their graphics aren’t the best. They can be customized and never run out of new material and questlines and often are money and time-suckers. Some are worse than others, with WoW being at the very top.
  5. RTS – These are Real Time Strategy games like Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, and Halo Wars. They include building up your forces from a God’s eye view to face enemy resistance.
  6. Minecraft is a weird outlier. It’s an open-world and sometimes multiplayer game of survival and infinite LEGOs and customizable graphics. People can spend hours and hours trying to build something or write songs – yes, it’s possible to write songs in Minecraft – and it can waste big chunks of life (chunks, ha ha…).
  7. Sports games. I honestly know nothing about them, but there are tons of them out there. They usually have to do with moving as a player in a team or switching between each player. Then there are racing games – they’re pretty self-explanatory. (The closest I’ve ever played to a sports game was a PS2 Quidditch World Cup game, and I’ve never gotten very far.)

Then there are all of the other games out there, for DS and consoles, computers and smartphones. Those usually aren’t much to worry about (unless you’re on a Guitar Hero binge for an entire day – it’s happened to me before). You never know, though – some people can spend an entire weekend straight playing Angry Birds.

Anyway, have fun and I hope this helps!


A Gamer Girl’s Guide: How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Hello there all you gamer girls! We may be the abnormalities of society, but we need love too! My name is Chelsea and I will help anyone with particular questions about the life and times of female gamers and geeks, as I am one myself. I also happen to be dating a gamer guy, so I can get advice from the other side, too – relationships or otherwise.

My personal favorites happen to be Skyrim, Portal, and Minecraft, though I know my way around Modern Warfare 3 as well. I also play a little tiny bit of Magic: the Gathering and D&D and I watch a little Anime, but even with all of this I’m only scratching the surface. Heck, my video game career only started with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Before that I knew nothing of the video game world.

So how did I get into gaming and Geekville? Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I have a lot of guy friends who talk about the wonders of the mythology of the Elder Scrolls too much and a boyfriend who can “No-Scope” the entire opposing team in seconds on MW3. I guess I also spend a little too much time in my own fantasy land – I can thank Harry Potter and my ADD for that.

But is there a life outside of gaming? For some, that’s questionable. You’ve heard of those people who have to go to rehab for World of Warcraft, right? For me, though, there’s a bit more going on. I’m a college student; an Art Therapy major, actually. I make art (plus some crappy comics based on my Skyrim experiences), have friends (some of which are as nerdy as myself), obsess over a couple of TV shows (like Supernatural), and I’m writing a fantasy novel.

I’m here to help! Ask me any questions about the lives of gamers or how to get their attention; I’ll do my best to answer them, even if it means doing a little research.